The Administrative Procedure Act

The Administrative Procedure Act (F√∂rvaltningslagen) regulates how administrative authorities should handle issues and how the courts should handle administrative matters. It contains the legal rights that citizens have when they come in contact with a governmental authority. These include how decisions should be made by the authorities, and how decisions can be appealed. 

The Administrative Procedure Act is what is called a subsidiary law (subsidiär lag), which means that the law is applicable only if there is no other law that states otherwise. The public universities are government authorities and therefore bound, when nothing conflicting is stated elsewhere, to follow this act. As a doctoral student, you may be in situations where the university makes decisions concerning you. If you are teaching, you may be part of the university making decisions concerning your students. As such, you need to be informed of the rights the students that you teach or supervise have in relation to the university.

You can find the official text of the law here and an unofficial English translation here.