Financing of doctoral studies

In order to be admitted as a doctoral student, the higher education institution that admits you needs to have made sure that resources and financing are in place for the entire duration of your education. Read about the differences between admission, resources, and financing here.

There are different types of financing available for doctoral students. Many doctoral students are financed by being employed, some by scholarships and grants. Educational goals and most educational aspects are the same regardless of the type of financing, but you may have different conditions. 

In the first five categories below you are an employee, and have all the rights employees in Sweden have (to vacation, to insurance through your employer etc). In the last two you are not employed.

If none of the situations below apply to you and you are financed through some other type of financing, you should ask your university about your conditions. You can ask your student union, the ombudsperson for doctoral students, or the trade union for help. 

Employment as a doctoral student at your university
Other employment in the university sector
Employment in a private company
Employment in the healthcare sector
Other employment outside the university sector
Doctoral grant