Ethical review

If your research involves sensitive or risky materials or methods, you  may need your study to be ethically reviewed by the Ethical Review Authority, a national authority. Some research can only be pursued, according to the law, if it has been approved through such a review. It is the head of the department or equivalent who has legal responsibility for this process – formally it is them who apply, on behalf of the university. You should check with your supervisors and with support structures at the department if you need to apply for a review. some departments or universities may have procedures for evaluating whether you need to consider such a review. 

If you need to apply for  a review, you can find information about the process on the homepage of the Ethical Review Authority. The application process is currently in Swedish, but some supporting documentation is available in English on the authority’s website. 

You should keep in mind that the application and review process may take a few months. The authority aims to process reviews within two months, but processing times may vary. Writing the application may also take a long time, so you should reserve enough time for this process. You should also mention such applications in your Individual Study Plan

The Ethics Review Authority also charges a fee for applications. Since the ethical review is necessary for your education, this fee should be covered similarly to other resources you need. You should keep in mind that research budgets often contain money earmarked for ethical reviews.